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Welcome to the Ascent

...this simple two-step system is our pathway

Isn't your situation unique? This is why the Ascent System may seem different from what you're used to. Aren't you looking for an easy process, with customized services and support for where you are in your business? This is where we over-deliver with more than just creative marketing ideas, trends, and meeting your expectations. 
Are you looking to discover the roadmap for growing your business from the inside out... without burdening your time, budget, and abilities? This allows us to create a unique, culturally relevant experience that helps unlock unlimited potential and remove the roadblocks that restrict our long-term success as entrepreneurs.

So... what's step one?

The Ascent starts with building a relationship utilizing our Pathway Discovery process. 
This proven system helps us to start any partnership by discovering your superpower and hero's message. Yes, you have a superpower. We all have this powerful, authentic story within us that creates our expert advantage, a superpower that some community in need is desperately is searching for. 

...and what about step two?

The Ascent continues with a customized marketing plan utilizing our proprietary process: the Ascent Pathway.
The second step begins with our business intensive, the key to creating the perfect roadmap of your economic ascension. This is where we supercharge your ability, story, and subconscious "super suit", and we customized a marketing plan, a strategic roadmap, that's laser-focused on supporting your journey to find your target audience of dream customers. 
Starting the Ascent Pathway with the Business Intensive is a great way to plan out your expansions and launch of your online products, so you could be really clear on how to move upward and onward.
These intensives may take up to two hours. Below is a more detailed description of the process. 

...and then what's next?

This is where it gets interesting... We're not going to leave you to just save the day on your own because we know how difficult that is, right? 
We provide ongoing support, creativity, and vision so you can secure your hero's brand permanently in the minds of your community. This means whenever they experience pain or trouble, they call you to come and save the day. 
Continue to learn more about our process...
Why the Pathway Discovery first?
...because isn't building Relationships & Rapport important? 
Our process is designed to help us understand your dreams and goals first, and then identify what unique entrepreneurial gifts you have hidden inside. This is where our clients fall in love with us! 
We recognize that trust comes before results, so we aim to create a connection that deepens the discovery of your superpower and message. Once this pathway is discovered and you feel ignited, we will move on to the next step in the process.
Pathway Discovery is a key step in our process and is required for all strategic partnerships and client relationships requiring services provided.

Schedule your Free Pathway Discovery call today!

Why the Business Intensive?
In marketing, you often hear about knowing where you are as a starting point and then defining your destination... Where are you now, and where are you going? 

While this is important, the majority of the uncertainty and business failure happens between these two points. This is where having the right plan that guides you from where you are to where you want to be. 
Before providing services, together we create the strategic roadmap for your business growth. 

This plan is so that when it's time for the proposal, you know that it's clear, accurate, and has taken into consideration the unique circumstances of your business.
To give you an idea, we typically create a slide presentation of services, funnels, and/or launch; with a personalized timeline, a 10-15 page report, and outline… so it's very complete.

You can take it and do it yourself, hire it out, or work with us! And if we decide to work together, we include a pretty big discount on our services for doing the intensive first. These intensives are detailed and may take up to two hours. 
I work closely with you and your team to create a timeline for your launch, write copy, plan strategy and advertising, assess current systems, create a new opportunity for leads, analyze current website and platforms, design automation workflows, and oversee a full launch of your new endeavor! 
We have a few spots left for the online business and launch intensives if you'd like the chance to have one of them before the season ends?
Yes, we'd love to Chat
Sign up for our discovery call today! This is our free service to discuss your business goals and ideas for your growth in preparation for our services. One of the highlights of what we do is getting to know you, your business, and potential customers as we discover what solutions are best for your situation. 
Scheduling with KimbroAscent
We consider it an honor to work with our clients, so we deliver tons of value on the front end so you can achieve growth and results much faster. If you do decide to work with me, then I can create a really good proposal out of it, because I know exactly what we're doing and exactly the timeline.
Basically, we want to see if we're a good fit for working together.  This call is where we connect. 
It eliminates scope creep, or excessive revisions, all the things that make people nervous about proposals because they're like, 'Ooh, I Hope this proposal covers everything I want to be done.' That's how I work with people, so if you're interested, I would love to get you signed up for the discovery call so we can start to see if we're a good fit together.
If the project is a one-off project the best way to contact us is via email at apollos@kimbroascent.com​. If at any time during our contract together we need to talk, you can book an appointment here
 For support issues or questions, please email us at: support@kimbroascent.com
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