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To Help You Gain The Strategies & Tools To Thrive In Life & Business No Matter How The World Views You...

Let Apollos Be Your Guide To A "Championship" Mindset With Next Level Results With Intimate LIVE Trainings, Strategic Planning, & Consulting Every Single Month!
Aren't You Done With The Roadblocks in Your Life?
As a NLP Master Practitioner, Apollos uses the ecological science of transformative vocabulary and timeline therapy to expose the hidden effects of generational and systemic poverty.
Learn how to identify, locate and remove the fear, doubt, and baggage of your past so you can move forward with confidence and certainty.
As you begin the Ascent above and beyond circumstance using the power of global metaphors combined with the proven strategies to unlock the Law of Attraction in your life.
Experience the wisdom, lovable passion and warm smile from a mentor ultra committed to helping you discover life changing results..




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From The Heart Of Apollos Kimbrough

Here's What This Is About And Why You Need It…

What would happen if you learned the same strategies that allow me to advance equity by closing gaps in entrepreneurship and homeownership in low-resource areas BETTER than ever before? 
Well that's exactly what I reveal LIVE every month exclusively to my closest friends.
This will be a spot-check for you, a continual boost of passionate energy backed with neuroscience, behavioral psychology, and the Law of Attraction strategies that allow expansion and growth so you can have next level success regardless of circumstances in the outside world.
Because you and I both know that most of our community is in tragedy right now... 
And it's caused them to get further behind, oppressed, and they give away their FREEDOM now more than ever as they try to adapt to another, unrecognizable  "new" normal. 
The KimbroAscent Inner Circle will stop you from getting stuck in that broken system so you can finally thrive. Keep reading to learn how...

Sustainable Success 
Takes Consistency

Sustainable Success 
Takes Consistency

Just like entrepreneurs need a mentor helping them grow their business to higher levels of success...  You do too.
That's why I'm inviting you into my Inner Circle, where I go LIVE every month for exclusive trainings...

Here's What You'll Gain In This INNER CIRCLE:

  • Every month, I spend at least 60 minutes with you LIVE online.
  • ​​​I teach my latest SUCCESS strategies and then conduct coaching and Q&A.   
  • ​​I also give out recognition prizes for people asking fantastic questions. 
  • ​Our interns and clients report HUGE gains in their inspiration, focus and certainty every month. I mean, who else is keeping you powered up, confident, and driven to be your ABSOLUTE BEST!?  
  • ​You and your thoughts don’t have to be alone anymore. You become apart of something bigger than you re used to...

LIVE Monthly Training With Me Where I Unveil My Most Sacred Success Strategies

I have been an educator and entrepreneur with a heart for community economic development who champions social change advocates, thought leaders, and courageous disruptors. 

Kimbro Ascent was created so that entrepreneurs like you, can easily create a web presence that is proven to attract your dream customers and generate more leads and sales.  
So, you get my most intimate thoughts EVERY MONTH... and to make sure you're getting the next level value you deserve, you can join me for just $97 $47 a month right now...
And maybe you're asking, Why might I be a good coach for you?

Here's what others have said about my Inner Circle...

"...a fantastic experience"

You have to spend some time with Apollos. He listens and just sees the world in a new, shareable light. It has been a fantastic experience for me and my family.  
- Jessica R.

"...I just needed someone"

I thought I was trapped but  I just needed someone to believe in me. I feel much more confident and I am starting to make a huge impact in my community. 
- Akin W.

"I now believe I can..."

My life has completely changed. Kimbrough helped me remove the ceiling and get back in balance with my family and what really matters.
- David K.

" discover unlimited potential..."

As a college student, life and the career path are so uncertain. Coach Kimbrough helped me realize my power and discover unlimited potential. 
- Zac W.


Join my Inner Circle TODAY and receive these bonus gifts to help you close the gap in your life and business - for FREE...
Credit Reset & Ascension
Learn how to access your legal rights and reset your credit so you can get the loans life requires for massive profit.
Legal & Asset Protection
Gain access to a legal network that protects you, your family, and your business so you can secure profit.
Real Estate Profits From Home
Learn how to create real estate profits from home without an agent so you can create infinite returns from profit.
"Apollos is absolutely amazing. I just love him and that's why I had to get him in my fellowship. He just takes the ball, runs and scores with it..." 
- Aisha Adams
"Apollos helped me look at my business  in brand new ways. He convinced that it's easier to 10x my income than to get a 10 cents on the dollar raise. I am starting to experience just that! 
- Naomi Waller
Bonus #1: The Courage Principle
The Courage Principle is the continued practice of using courage as a proposition so that it serves as the foundational ingredient of your leadership ethos.
This e-guide is more about doing than reading.
Each chapter begins as a mini-lesson to equip you to dig deeper via the activity sheets. First, we will explore your personal influence. From there we will examine your core values. Lastly, it is all about utilizing the knowledge you’ve gained to activate your courage in hopes of making more of an impact in the places you already serve.
Bonus #2: The Bundle of Courage Leadership Retreate
A Bundle of Courage” is a digital leadership retreat for CEOs, non-profit leaders, educators, students, and social activists who intend to spark change and cultivate better communities.
This bundle is designed to help leaders identify their influence, stand on their core values, and activate their courage as they launch platforms, lead organizations, or run companies. As a bonus, I am sharing the Soulversation Series with you. Soulversations are conversations with remarkable people who changed the way I served and led.
Bonus #3: 90-Days of Action Masterclass
Working for yourself isn’t always easy. There is a lot to think about. Increased productivity, innovation, and visibility tend to take a backseat to financial goals and deadlines. 90-Days of Action is a unique planning method that ensures you are ready to move forward and crush your quarter goals.


Remember, every day you hesitate is a day you could've accessed your next level... Hurry and join today!!

Over 5 Years of Success Secrets...

Oh Yea, That's Right... When you sign up Today, You'll Gain Instant Access To All Previous Training Experiences At Your Fingertips!!

Success Secrets LIKE...

  • Every month, I spend at least 60 intimate minutes with you LIVE online.
  • ​​​I teach my latest behavioral marketing strategies and then conduct coaching and Q&A.   
  • ​​I also give out recognition prizes for people asking fantastic questions. 
  • ​Our thought leaders and social advocates report HUGE gains in their inspiration, focus and certainty every month. I mean, who else is keeping you on fire, confident, and driven to be your ABSOLUTE CHAMPION!?  
  • ​You and your dreams don’t have to be alone anymore. I want to help you achieve whatever you desire in your life and I'm here to share my experiences with you every single month... 
And for just $97 $47 (worth a few trips to McDonalds) you get instant access to all of this for a full month!
I wanted to create something special, from my heart that would help you move toward your brighter future and allow you to have my ongoing support, exclusive trainings, and thoughts...
Whether you want freedom, or to expand your life or embrace the next level success in your life..., 
Or maybe you want the inner circle to accelerate your career, new business or scale an existing one to help you show up in the big leagues? 

I'm here to walk you through the action steps, nudging you to overcome a broken system so you can actually get to where you want to be.
If you want to dive deep into the strategies that build true success, purpose, and happiness then this is for you.
If you want that kind of future, you need that kind of mentor...
And I'd love to be one of those mentors for you.
So that's why I'm giving this to you for $97 $47.
And if you stay with me past the first month then you'll continue to pay $47/month... And you can cancel anytime!
Yes, really,  - cancel anytime, by replying to any of our emails and telling us to cancel. It's that easy.
Sign up now and get into the last few months of my thoughts and you'll realize this is worth so much more than the $97. 
If you pay you pay attention, so this just represents your commitment. So you're ready to show up big, right? 
Consider this…
Would you pay just $47 to have me walk you through trainings every single month LIVE and teach you the same thoughts people pay thousands for? 
Would you pay just $47 to get access to an exclusive group of entrepreneurial advocates just like you that support you on to your next level of freedom?  
Would you pay $47 for the instant access to $1,297 worth of my most powerful success trainings (including the closed door Mastermind session)? 

Of course! Who wouldn’t?
Don't miss this opportunity - it's a one-time offer only.
For our private community who have been with us for the past 5 years, THIS hidden gem has been a secret ingredient to overcoming obstacles and fueling opportunities like nothing else.
It's time to use this to break those fears and gain the thoughts to change your life in a way you've been desiring until right now...


This One Decision Could Change Your Future.

This Is Your Pivotal Moment. Join My Inner Circle Today...
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