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Apollos J. Kimbrough
Founder + CEO -

Listen to what our customers had to say about our work! 

Shawn bean
"I recently called Apollos for some sales copy work. He did an amazing job and really did the research into the target audience.
Apollos is a real professional and understands how to write copy that converts."
Aisha Adams
"Apollos has always been my go-to when it comes to funnels. He's great at webinar pages, email sequences, and even entire launch funnels. Highly recommend giving him a try if you need copy, content, or funnels.
Gabby Villa
"Apollos is legit when it comes to copy and funnels. I've used him several times with great results and he understands the importance of a deadline. That unique offer he just wrote and designed is converting at over 41% now!"
Copywriting Services

Here's What We Provide...

Copywriting: Emails 
We've managed email campaigns for successful product launches of all types. From initial planning to writing and scheduling, we offer a complete solution to your email marketing needs.
Copywriting: Sales Pages 
We create front-end offers, one-time offer upsells, lead magnets, and other offer pages that convert over 50%. We have experience in multiple different niches and multiple different formats!
Sales Pages
Websites aren't the same anymore so we just don't just build your website, we build a conversion machine. We design our pages with this in mind so you get a magnetized, well-planned, web magnet.
Sales Funnel
We love building profitable funnels inside ClickFunnels for our clients! If you need a simple presentation funnel, upsells, or automated members area - we got you! From start to finish, Copy - Design -Setup - we handle it all, even if it seems impossible!
A/B Split-Test 
Now you're funnel's bringing in tons of cash, now what? This is where it gets fun! We use our experience to test different variations of copy, content, and any other elements needed to improve conversions! Some clients experience 3x results in just a week with just one well tweaked split test. 
Sales Funnels 
Funnel building is a process and without experience, it's easy to get lost doing what doesn't work. We've learned what does work, and what costly mistakes to avoid. Our knowledge spans different industries so you can leverage this expertise and increase your average cart and sales!
Additional Copywriting: Interns & Professional Writing
Cover Letters
Copywriting: Requests & CV's
Ads & Swipe Files

ZW - College Intern

Coach helped me realized I was a leader inside and that how I communicate makes a real difference in how I connect with professionals and accomplish my dreams. 

Akin W. - College Intern

It was a crazy experience realizing how much power was missing from my writing. It's one thing to write correctly for a paper, but to get what you want in life takes skill. 

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Naomi Waller
"One word to describe Apollos... Amazing. He's truly a blessing and a natural at copy. We'll be using him again."
Nicole lEE
Apollos is a hidden gem when it comes to marketing, copywriting, and sales. It's a blessing to work with him. 

Grind AVL/Black Wall Street Cohort

"Kimbrough brings enthusiasm, passion, and experience to our cohort with fresh, new ideas and experience. He adds tremendous value to our mission and cause. "

AAMG/Equity Over Everything Fellowship

"Apollos impressed us greatly and we were honored to bring him in to assist with the efforts to close the gap in homeownership and entrepreneurship in our community."

Western Women's Business Center

"Apollos is a passionate presenter who inspires his audience with his knowledge, willingness to serve, and creativity in removing your conversion roadblocks."

The Purple Orchid Spa

"After our first session with Apollos, we completely changed gears in our spa and decided to split test our website. It was nuts. We left so much money on the table!"

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